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Pricing information

Our fees for notarisation services are normally provided on a per document basis, with additional fees for supplementary services, such as arranging legalisation or travelling to locations away from our offices to meet with clients. We are able to offer discounted rates for matters involving the notarisation of multiple documents or where clients have regular requirements for notarial services.

Whilst we usually charge on a per document basis, in some circumstances, such as where we are drafting documents or the documents require substantial amendment, this may not be suitable and in such case we shall charge by reference to the time engaged on the matter, and our notary’s hourly rate at the time.

For new clients who instruct us, we shall provide a quote on the above basis prior to carrying out an instruction, detailing our fees and any known disbursements associated with the work requested. With clients that instruct us regularly, we may communicate the applicable fees through an agreed fee rate, sent in advance to the client, that applies to any of their requests. Even where agreed rates are in place, however, we are still happy to respond to any request for details of the fees and costs applicable to any new instruction.

Where applicable, the fees charged by embassies and consulates for their legalisation, or for translation services, shall be passed onto our clients as disbursements. Any such fees or charges shall be advised to our clients.

We will add VAT to our fees, where applicable, at the appropriate rate from time to time.

As a starting point, we suggest that you contact us by telephone - +44 (0)118 951 6767, and send us a copy of the document(s) to be notarised. We will then provide a prompt fee estimate for you inclusive of the cost of any legalisation, translation, and postage, if applicable.

Redress information

Sukhpal Matharoo Notary Public has in place professional indemnity insurance arising in respect of any act or omission, for a sum at or greater than the minimum level of cover prescribed by the Master of Faculties of £1,000,000.

Client satisfaction

If you are dissatisfied about the service you have received, please do not hesitate to contact Sukhpal Matharoo.

Sukhpal’s notarial practise is regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury: The Faculty Office 1, The Sanctuary, Westminster, and London SW1P 3JT

Tel: +44 (0)20 7222 5381

If Sukhpal is unable to resolve any issues, you may then complain to The Notaries Society, of which he is a member, who have a Complaints Procedure which is approved by the Faculty Office. This procedure is free to use and is designed to provide a quick resolution to any dispute. In that case please write (but do not enclose any original documents) with full details of your complaint to: 

The Secretary of The Notaries Society, PO Box 7655, Milton Keynes MK11 9NR

If you have any difficulty making a complaint in writing, please do not hesitate to call the Notaries Society/The Faculty Office for assistance.

Even if you have your complaint considered under the Complaints Procedure, you may at the end of that procedure, or after a period of eight weeks from the date you first notified us that you were dissatisfied, make your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman, if you are not happy with the result: 

Legal Ombudsman, PO Box 6167, Slough SL1 0EH
Tel: +44 (0)300 555 0333


Finally, if you decide to make a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman, you must refer to the Legal Ombudsman within one year from the act/omission or within one year from when you should have reasonably known there was cause for complaint.

Regulatory information

Sukhpal Matharoo’s notary practice is regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Our Offices

London (Mayfair)
67 Grosvenor Street

Phone: +44 (0)20 3696 7171

London (City)
One Crown Court

Phone: +44 (0)20 7329 9090

London (Canary Wharf)
Level 10
One Canada Square
E14 5AA

Phone: +44 (0)20 7042 7200

Apex Plaza
Forbury Road

Phone: +44 (0)118 959 6839

The Bower
Four Roundwood Avenue
Stockley Park
UB11 1AF

Phone: +44 (0)20 3923 5000

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